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Company name
Midorikawa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Head Office
1-4-18 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0043 [Map]
October 1954
¥100 million
Nature of business
Sales and application development of plastic sheets, processed plastic products, plastic-related products, molding materials, and machinery/tools
Representative Director
Midorikawa Tadao
Managing Director
Toyama Masaharu
Watanabe Motoyuki
Nakai Shinichi
Ando Toshinori
Horiuchi Akira
Banks of account
Mizuho Bank (Asakusa Branch), Resona Bank (Asakusa Branch), Shoko Chukin Bank (Ueno Branch), Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (Tokyo Chuo Branch)
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Company profile
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Attached documents
Management Philosophy
Through plastics and related businesses, our corporate objectives are to enrich and improve the lives of all people, contribute to society, and grow by earning society's trust.
Social responsibility
Always bearing in mind that we are a leader in the industry, we shall fulfill our responsibilities and accomplish our mission — in order to create an energized industry that will grow toward the future, and contribute widely to society, through a stable, expanding business foundation.
Customer orientation
We shall make the customer's perspective our own, and respond to customer needs and expectations by working hard to speedily offer better products, services, and information, suited to the lifestyle culture of the new era, through our extensive network.
Coexistence and co-prosperity
In a spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity, we shall build, and jointly develop, strong cooperative relationships, based on a foundation of mutual trust and gratitude, with all our customers and affiliated companies.
Respect for humanity
We shall make Midorikawa Chemical Industry and its affiliated companies into centers of growth where it is easy for all employees to work, fully exhibit their capabilities, and achieve job satisfaction. At the same time, we shall work hard to create a company where employees can live enriching lives, healthy in both mind and body, and attain a feeling of happiness.